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Time for fun? You bet!

Timezone (formerly Time Out) entertainment centres have been in New Zealand and around Asia since 1978.

Internationally there are over 200 Timezone stores operating in Australia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and of course New Zealand.

What is Timezone?
It's simple. Timezone is fun and exciting!
Timezone Entertainment Centres have the latest interactive entertainment, video games and high tech prize machines.
A great place to keep the kids amused or to hang out with your mates. Timezone is all about fun and excitement - no matter what age or gender there's always a game for everyone.

How Timezone Works
Timezone uses the 'Powercard' card which replaces traditional coins and tokens with a sophisticated but simple card which enables you to monitor how much you are spending, and us to give you great offers!
Instead of carrying around pockets full of coins, your credit is loaded onto a Powercard.
In order to play a machine simply swipe your Powercard at the coloured swiper mounted on the machine and the credit will be deducted from the card automatically.

Win AMAZING Prizes
Many Timezone games allow you to win points depending on the result, you can collect these as you play. When you''re ready, you can redeem the points for a whole HEAP of different prizes on the day - or save them up for a big Prize - like Ipods, skateboards, TV's and more!

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