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Megazone Laser Tag @ Xtreme Wairau

Solo or team play with exhilarating Laser Tag at Xtreme Wairau!

Megazone Laser Tag @ Xtreme Wairau
Megazone Laser Tag @ Xtreme Wairau

It's a 'virtual laser war' and you can take on a solo mission or gather your friends, work-mates or family to form an elite team to battle your way through arenas and passage ways filled with amazing lights, crazy pulsing sound, and the thrill of the battle ground.

Great for party groups, family, friends, work groups or anyone that has a hankering for Xtreme Wairau's heart-pumping action-packed Megazone Laser Tag adventure.
Plus food and refreshments on site to enjoy afterwards (or before) along with FREE WIFI!

Available at:

  • Xtreme Wairau

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